2014 Sucked So Bad

This year brought so much joy to me; before becoming sad, depressing, and miserable; before ending in doubt and confusion. I started compiling this end of the year post on December 07, but gave up putting any serious effort into it.


So this year, 2014...

I attended a talk by His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the National Cathedral in DC. (The first time hearing him speak was at Cornell.) We saw Lindsey Sterling in concert when I, along with Kelsey and Stephen, visited Hans in Denver. We had L&L Hawaiian BBQ again, in Denver. We did AirBNB near Colorado Springs and survived. We visited Pikes Peak to 14,114 feet above; I nearly fainted.

Taylor gifted me an old Trek road bike. I passed and received certification as a Commissioning Technician for work. This summer, I've gotten the most depressed I've ever been (but have mostly recovered from it, I think). I took sleeping pills for the first time; the experience scared me to death. I started running.

We visited Canada for the first time; I drove in my first international country. I successfully grew a marconi pepper in my indoor garden; it was delicious. I won a 40" LED Smart TV in a raffle and sold it. I haven't gained any weight for the first time in many years; I managed to lose about 10 pounds. I watched way too many movies in the theaters. I continued with tutoring, now in AP Physics and Calculus. I quit Facebook.

I've accepted the fact that I'm short and started getting my clothes properly tailored. I started paying attention to fabrics of clothes and material of things. I started baking pies, quiches, cookies, and pastries. I received an automated speeding ticket. I replaced my car windshield because of an incidental crack. I replaced my car hood because of a motherfucker.


New airports visited: STL, MKE. New airlines: Southwest.

Thanks for the experiences 2014. Now please go away. Get out of my head.

P.S. 50,000 IU D3.

Edit: In 2014, I also fell short of my 30% YTD stock market growth by approximately 30%. Great...