Year In Review 2013: To The Point

Another year gone.

2013 was another big year with several milestone, including:
  1. I designed and created iPhone and iPad docks, laser-cut through Ponoko.
  2. I purchased an old film SLR and shot with black-and-white film.
  3. I sold my product on eBay, my little-used Zune HD. (I don't know why I bought that thing...)
  4. I worked a 56 hours in a week once (including two physically intensive 15 hour days in a row). I did not go home one of those nights.
  5. I started in investing in the stock market and I've netted approximately 27% in my portfolios this year, averaged across all my investment accounts.
  6. I attended way too many NBA games, including the Semi-Finals between SA and MEM, at FedEx Forum in May.
  7. I quit my old job at Liberty (Washington, DC), putting in my notice the day before Thanksgiving.
  8. I started a new job at Gannett Fleming (Baltimore, MD), literally doubling the size of the mechanical engineering department in this regional office.
  9. I bought a car, a 2014 Mazda3 hatchback.
This year, there weren't any "big" trips, but there were a few mini-vacations, adding MEM to my list of traveled airports. Both were flown on Delta. Naturally. Other places I visited and re-visited this year include York, PA, and Annapolis, MD, and Chick-fil-A.
  1. Seattle, WA in February.
  2. Memphis, TN in May.
Words I wouldn't mind never hearing again:
  1. Dunbar.
  2. ANC.
  3. In-processing.
  4. CCs and FTPs.
  5. Liberty Engineering.
New Year goals for 2014:
  1. Snap fewer random shots, and live in the moment.
  2. Go home to New York more often.
  3. Never pay bills off earlier than necessary.
  4. Find some ducks, and put them in a row.