2014 Sucked So Bad

This year brought so much joy to me; before becoming sad, depressing, and miserable; before ending in doubt and confusion. I started compiling this end of the year post on December 07, but gave up putting any serious effort into it.


So this year, 2014...

I attended a talk by His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the National Cathedral in DC. (The first time hearing him speak was at Cornell.) We saw Lindsey Sterling in concert when I, along with Kelsey and Stephen, visited Hans in Denver. We had L&L Hawaiian BBQ again, in Denver. We did AirBNB near Colorado Springs and survived. We visited Pikes Peak to 14,114 feet above; I nearly fainted.

Taylor gifted me an old Trek road bike. I passed and received certification as a Commissioning Technician for work. This summer, I've gotten the most depressed I've ever been (but have mostly recovered from it, I think). I took sleeping pills for the first time; the experience scared me to death. I started running.

We visited Canada for the first time; I drove in my first international country. I successfully grew a marconi pepper in my indoor garden; it was delicious. I won a 40" LED Smart TV in a raffle and sold it. I haven't gained any weight for the first time in many years; I managed to lose about 10 pounds. I watched way too many movies in the theaters. I continued with tutoring, now in AP Physics and Calculus. I quit Facebook.

I've accepted the fact that I'm short and started getting my clothes properly tailored. I started paying attention to fabrics of clothes and material of things. I started baking pies, quiches, cookies, and pastries. I received an automated speeding ticket. I replaced my car windshield because of an incidental crack. I replaced my car hood because of a motherfucker.


New airports visited: STL, MKE. New airlines: Southwest.

Thanks for the experiences 2014. Now please go away. Get out of my head.

P.S. 50,000 IU D3.

Edit: In 2014, I also fell short of my 30% YTD stock market growth by approximately 30%. Great...


Ke: I overate.

Ke: Now I am sleepy.


Immature, But Hilarious

K: B, I am still here.

B: !@#$

B: Get out of her! Go!

B: *here.

B: Awk.

K: [uncontrollable laughter]

B: [uncontrollable laughter]
B: Stop laughing.

B: Because I can't stop.

K: Stupid, B.


[overheard ...]

B: [typing...]
K: racist comment here

B: omg he just said "sank you"

K: yep

B: so stereotyped

K: knew it

B: hahahahahaha

"A Message to the Depressed." Video

I need a lot of this right now. Thank you, friends. Thank you, sister.

Soiler Alert

K:  poor mouse

B:  (did you catch the lord of the flies reference?)

K:  the dancing around it part?
I have not read the book.

B:  OH
so sad
they dance around a boar's head on a stake
they call it lord of the flies
boom, there's the book.  you don't have to read it now


B:  Is that like a really scary one?
where you poop your pants?
a soiler alert
actually, the lord of the flies doesn't have much to do with the plot

K:  sigh

How Apropos, NSA Spying

Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun, June 17, 2014

Let It Go

Let go of busyness. Let go of comparison. Let go of yesterday and tomorrow.

Link - Tiny Buddha

Encounter with Subaru Drivers

  1. Subaru driver fails to check blind spot and was inches from hitting me if I didn't repeatedly honk my horn. (I had decided to pass this car because it was going too slow and was in the process of doing so. I even signaled.)
  2. Subaru driver hogs left lane and travels well below the de facto speed limit, holding up a long line of traffic behind it.
  3. Subaru driver directly in front of me approaches a delayed red light, hits the brakes, but still coasts its way through the intersection. There was no one in front of her.
  4. Subaru driver a few cars back begins to speed, then swerve between lanes, and then tailgates me. Traffic was already moving 65-70 mph on a 55 mph road.
Fucking hell...

Mazda3 2014 Safety

IIHS Top Safety Pick 2014! Phew.

Link - IIHS

What about Freedom FROM Religion?

Supporting freedom of religion of others does NOT threaten your religious rights. Don't be stupid.
If you answered "A" to any question, then perhaps your religious liberty is indeed at stake. You and your faith group have every right to now advocate for equal protection under the law. But just remember this one little, constitutional, concept: this means you can fight for your equality -- not your superiority.
If you answered "B" to any question, then not only is your religious liberty not at stake, but there is a strong chance that you are oppressing the religious liberties of others. This is the point where I would invite you to refer back to the tenets of your faith, especially the ones about your neighbors.
Link - How to Determine If Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened in Just 10 Quick Questions

Thank You, Google

LGBT Rights, Google Doodle, 2014-02-06

Year In Review 2013: To The Point

Another year gone.

2013 was another big year with several milestone, including:
  1. I designed and created iPhone and iPad docks, laser-cut through Ponoko.
  2. I purchased an old film SLR and shot with black-and-white film.
  3. I sold my product on eBay, my little-used Zune HD. (I don't know why I bought that thing...)
  4. I worked a 56 hours in a week once (including two physically intensive 15 hour days in a row). I did not go home one of those nights.
  5. I started in investing in the stock market and I've netted approximately 27% in my portfolios this year, averaged across all my investment accounts.
  6. I attended way too many NBA games, including the Semi-Finals between SA and MEM, at FedEx Forum in May.
  7. I quit my old job at Liberty (Washington, DC), putting in my notice the day before Thanksgiving.
  8. I started a new job at Gannett Fleming (Baltimore, MD), literally doubling the size of the mechanical engineering department in this regional office.
  9. I bought a car, a 2014 Mazda3 hatchback.
This year, there weren't any "big" trips, but there were a few mini-vacations, adding MEM to my list of traveled airports. Both were flown on Delta. Naturally. Other places I visited and re-visited this year include York, PA, and Annapolis, MD, and Chick-fil-A.
  1. Seattle, WA in February.
  2. Memphis, TN in May.
Words I wouldn't mind never hearing again:
  1. Dunbar.
  2. ANC.
  3. In-processing.
  4. CCs and FTPs.
  5. Liberty Engineering.
New Year goals for 2014:
  1. Snap fewer random shots, and live in the moment.
  2. Go home to New York more often.
  3. Never pay bills off earlier than necessary.
  4. Find some ducks, and put them in a row.