Good Bye 2011

Firstly, last night I had a dream where my parents adopted a Persian Arabian American boy. All I can say is, what the hell....?

2011 is a depressing year in America (Ready to kiss 2011 goodbye? - via MSNBC) due to hostile national politics and a terrible economy to say the least, and it hasn't been any less demoralizing or depressing on the personal front either. 2011 was supposed to be my personal year of growth and opportunity. Hell, my birthday this year even landed on 11-11-11. I thought that was supposed to bring good luck. I haven't been regularly posting on this blog for quite some time, mainly because of work and stress in the first half of the year and then emotional depression in the second half.

As always, I'm thankful for all the knowledge and experience I gained this year. And while a great deal of it was stressful, there was as much goodness in my life too. I am grateful for that. Many other things happened this year that I cannot talk about here, but I think I'm glad they happened. At the moment, I'm still not sure. It's probably safe to say, though, that 2011 was a year filled with unfortunate circumstances, awkward relationships, and way too much time to think. But no regrets. We move on.

This year, I graduated from Cornell for a second time. I visited Boston to see Myra; I visited Hawaii for the first time with Stephen, Farrah, and Benson; I visited Denver to see Hans; I visited State College to hang out with Taylor; I visited Washington, DC to see Mony. I worked with and led an amazing group of guys for CUSD. I got a free ride to New York City for a weekend on CUSD-business. I designed and built furniture for the new basement. I accomplished a personal biking goal this summer across Jamaica Bay. I got sick only once this year, in October. I started leaning toward casual veganism. Hans, Myra, and Sebastian (OTEC-1) came down to New York over my birthday weekend. I baked a two layer cake.

I've applied to hundreds of jobs. I've had several phone interviews and two face-to-face interviews. I even trekked up to Cornell for one. This December I got a job offer in DC, and I moved there officially over Christmas. Toward the end of the year, I saw many old friends in an effort to remember old roots and re-experience the good times.

Nearing sunset on Christmas Day, in WDC.
But looking forward, I anticipate 2012 to be one epic year. I'm excited. (It's also the year of the dragon next year, which isn't necessarily good for dragons like me, according to Chinese thinking. But it should be okay.) Not only will it be a big year for personal growth, 2012 has the London Olympics, the US presidential elections, and the 2012 apocalypse. (For the record, my money's on either an asteroid or an earthquake.)

Obviously 2012 will be life-changing for me. I am starting a new life soon. There's quite a bit that I want to accomplish in the year, but here's just one lifestyle idea I think we all can get behind... I once heard someone say as he was saying good bye, "Make it a great day, okay?" Thank you. I will try. Every day.

Finally, it was much harder to choose 2011's personal photo of the year than last year's, which was taken of me, by Hans. But I think I'll choose this photo for 2011 because, although I just took it last weekend, it does summarize a great deal of what this year was about for me—first, family; and second, trying to move on with life. This picture was taken when the whole family went down to DC to help me move into my new apartment on Christmas weekend.

Happy New Year. Here's hoping for a kick-ass 2012.