Kevin Fact 13

I watch movies with English subtitles turned on. It is probably a habit from back when I watched television and my parents would have closed captioning turned on.

Air Traveling in 2011

Flying Delta, in MSP.
By this Saturday, I will have traveled through 10 different airports within three weeks: JFK, ATL*, DEN*, MSP*, ITH, DTW*, LAX, SJC*, PHX*, EWR. So much traveling! But it's awesome. (* = first time)

In addition to the above, I have been at these airports at least once while traveling: ANC, NRT, TPE, HNL, SEA, MCO, TPA. While I haven't been to too many places (only 17 airports in my lifetime), about 60% of all the airports I've ever been through happened in the past month.

I have only been on a handful of major airlines: Delta, Northwest, American, JetBlue, Continental, and China Airlines. By Saturday, I will be adding US Airways to the list.

And for the record, Minnesota–St. Paul International is my favorite airport.

10,000 Feet Up

10,000 feet up. Rocky Mountain National Park.
Full of poor parking. Hans's car to the right.
While I am still in the process of working on the Colorado photos (I took over 1000 and many of them are duplicate attempts or just downright not worth showing), I would like to mention two things I learned on my trip:

1. The air is really dry in Colorado.
2. Most drivers do not bother parking straight in their spots, although often times they are at least within their lines.