Seven Days in Colorado

Elk, grazing.
Colorado is a really nice change of scenery, much unlike what I am used to in the East. Prior to this trip, the closest I've ever been to the Rocky Mountains was Las Vegas. Now, I suppose I can say I have actually been on one of these mountains, in Rocky Mountain National Park (my first American national park, I think). It was amazing. And the fact that we can go from a warm 60 degrees in Denver to really cold, and tons of snow at 10,000 feet up was cool and interesting, to say the least (pun, intended).

 And, OMG, real life elk!

Garden of the Gods, CO.

Kevin Fact 12

I know many people associate Champagne or other sparkling wines for celebrations and happy occasions. My grape wine of choice is Sauvignon Blanc from California, especially during relief after a high-stress event. It's just tradition, I suppose. Tonight is one of those nights.