American Airlines and JetBlue, JFK Visit

Checking out a B777.
JetBlue Ramp Tower.
Yesterday, I went on a field trip with the Airlines Management class from the hotel school to JFK in New York. It was definitely weird being so close to home (about 20 minutes away on a good day), but we spent all of our time at the airport, visiting American Airline's hangers and Terminal 8 and JetBlue's Terminal 5.

We left Cornell at 4 am, getting to Terminal 8 at around 9:30 am. We left there around 4:30 am to return around 9:30 pm.

I've seen things and been to places the general public will never get a chance to see and visit. I sat in the captain's seat on an AA Boeing 777 at the AA maintenance hanger. (They were changing out a windshield panel, and looking at the Japanese in the plane, our guess was it was a JFK to Tokyo plane.) I sat in first class on the same plane. I touched and walked under the belly of a few AA Boeing planes. I stood up close to a real-life jet engine. I sat in a "Even More Legroom" seat on a JetBlue A320. I got to visit the flight operations offices, crew lounges, and ramp towers of both AA and JetBlue. We met many interesting people, including pilots, flight attendants, and operations and tower control people. They answered a lot of our questions, which was really cool. Oh, and of course, we got a lot of free stuff.

All in all, it was an epic trip. Jealous much? :-)
Goodie bags.

I Be Cooking

Deep Fried Cauliflower.
Pesto Spaghetti
This year's self-improvement theme—aside from the continuing last year's theme of becoming a pro at air travel—is cooking. I've been regularly making food since coop summer and started doing the "Wine Dinner" thing senior year. This 2011, however, I'm turning up the heat (har har).

This weekend required new techniques and stuff that I can actually say I'm more comfortable doing again when I need to. (A lot of this was a first attempt on my own, and I was honestly a little scared of deep frying stuff.) The deep fried cauliflower required use of my new whisk and tongs, both of which I purchased not even two weeks ago. The pesto spaghetti required the use of a blender for the sauce.

I suppose I'll get a little more serious into food photography as I try to get better at both cooking and making photographs.

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