This 2010

"Motivation to Study? Not sure."
I thought of writing this because I had trouble sleeping last night, after several restless nights. I started this post, intending to list a few things that I am universally known for among my friends and family. Then, I moved on to describing how I think people I've dealt with in 2010 perceived me this year. Then, I got creative and decided to come up with a list of words that described me this year, something like a tag cloud for my life and our conversations in 2010 (in no particular order, and not all of them necessarily true anymore).

Boss, Sleeps Early, Wine, Food, Second Dinner, Hungry, Apple, iProducts, iPhone, iPad, Cornell, CIT, Mac Team, Photography, POTD, Cars, Grader, Engineer, Six Sigma, 407, Duffield, Phillips Lab, MEng, PowerPoint, Presentations, Design, McDonald's, 'Drink', Piso Mojado, Suntack, OTEC, Energy, Sangam, Politics, Nikon, Website, Victory Pizza, Technology, English, Words, Buzz, Flickr, USuMBS, Tumblr, Twitter, Blog, Movies, Brooklyn, NYC, Hyundai, Sonata, Mazda3, 'Tech', Trains, Ping Pong, Billiards, Frisbee, Biking, Walk, Newspaper, Subway Maps, Museums, Cold, Taiwan, America, 'Up In The Air', Basement, Weight, CUSD, MoRF, ChemE, Roaches.

Edit: Also, cooking, and 'csb'.

Finally, this picture is absolutely the Photo of the Year for me. It summarizes a lot about me and my personality in 2010, not excluding the fact that it was taken in 407 by Hans for a POTD.

Happy New Year guys.

NYC Bucket List

Taylor, all confused, as usual.
I realized two important things today. First, this winter break might be the last time I will be at home for an extended period of time with "nothing" to do. Second, flossing is incredibly important.

After hanging out with Taylor today (and deliberately avoiding, as best we can, all the touristy things to do and places to see), I realized the commonly known fact that tourists to NYC do more of the necessary things than NYC natives do. We take it for granted. At least I know I do, somewhat. Before I depart from this place "for good," I should probably try my hand at some of the ridiculous and dumb touristy things in this city.

I'm drawing up a NYC bucket list of sorts. But I realize time is already running short, as I will be going to Hawaii mid January, and potentially Boston before then. If you got any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Blizzard 2010, NYC

There's a lot of snow outside. Two days have passed and no government truck came to plow our local street. Usually we can dump snow into the street for cars to melt, but this time we had massive piles in the backyard and in the front garden.

In the back, we dug a tunnel.

Magnedude = Geodude + Magneton

In the spirit of Christmas, I spent today revisiting something I did at the end of last year, around Christmas. As a followup to Primexecutor, Sebastian and I mixed together Geodude and Magneton. Like last time, Sebastian came up with the concept and drew up what came to mind. I cleaned up the drawing and colored it in Photoshop. From a distance, it kind of looks like a Christmas tree.








Photog x 3

East Avenue
I'm trying to get all caught up on the photos I've taken this epic semester. I didn't have too much to post this time, but there are still a few sets I want to get up on Flickr before it's too late and all but forgotten. So far, I have two up. A few more to go before closing up the photo archives. Also remember to check out my photo portfolio at

I've also gotten involved in taking some videos with my iPhone 4. I must say, it's pretty fun. My videos are at

Group Final Fail

Preface: Myra and I are both graders for a class that we are both registered students for as well.

Myra: way to put just your name on your final
Myra: *our
Kevin: no way
Myra: good thing i know that it is all of us
Kevin: lol
Kevin: hahahahahahahahahaha
Kevin: ahahahaha
Kevin: ahahahahahaa
Kevin: hahaha
Kevin: hahahahahaahahaa
Myra: good thing we are grading
Kevin: (my bad)
Myra: otherwise
Myra: i would have gotten a zero
Kevin: hahahahahahahahaahaha
Kevin: hahahahahaha
Kevin: ahahaha
Kevin: ha
Myra: ..
Kevin: hahaha
Kevin: wow

Kevin Fact 10

My biggest character flaw is jealousy.