Photo Portfolio

Over the bridge at the Cornell Plantations.
For a while now I've been looking for an online solution to showcase some of the better photos I've taken. I'm using Flickr as a place to share my photos, using "sets" more like event albums, and I wanted a way to separate my favorites from the rest. I had originally created a separate set called [[ Favorites of Mine ]] to list them, but it didn't work too well, I think.

The solution I came up with is Tumblr, mainly because I tried several times to find a purpose for it and couldn't. I created a new account and figured it out. I call it k.Cheng Photo Portfolio, and it'll have just my better photos. Flickr for everything else (candids, vacations, photo of the day). Check it out.

(Sadly, there's no built-in way to post to Tumblr from Flickr.)

iOS 4 and iPhone 3G (Jailbroken)

Speaking strictly from personal experience, after upgrading to Apple's latest iOS 4.0 and 4.0.1, my iPhone 3G, originally on iOS 3.1.3., was unusably slow. It was disappointing to see the iPhone 3G become something I hated to use. After looking up several tips and tricks to speed up the iPhone, including disabling all my Spotlight search results and double hard resetting the phone (which didn't seem to work very well), I decided to give jailbreaking another chance.

It turns out that the jailbroken iOS 4.0.1 , even with multitasking and the background wallpaper service turned on, was noticeably faster than the official iOS 4.0.1 from Apple. I found this a bit strange. I instantly noticed it being slightly faster right after jailbreaking it. I still resorted to rebooting my iPhone a few times a day to keep it in working order. I used the jailbroken version with as full a feature-set my iPhone 3G can physically support for about a week, after which it begun feeling a little too sluggish for practical use.

Last night, I decided to re-jailbreak my iPhone 3G, this time disabling multitasking (because quite frankly, it was impractical on such a slow device) but keeping the background wallpaper settings (because I have grown used to having a non-black background). So far, so good, sort of. It definitely feels zippier than both iOS 4.0.1 by Apple and the jailbroken iOS 4.0.1 with mutitasking. Still, compared to the good and familiar 3.1.3, there is a no contest. (The only thing keeping me on iOS 4 are the folders and unified mailboxes.)

Supposedly, Apple's investigating this issue. I wait impatiently.

P.S. There's definitely some power issues that I've noticed with iOS 4, at least on iPhone 3G.

The Omnivore's Dilemma

Earlier this summer, I decided to let eBook reading on the iPad a go, and I must say, it is quite nice. Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Nobles Nook and Apple's own iBooks on the iPad aren't bad at all. (For the record, I believe Amazon's Kindle is the eBook reader to have if reading is important to you. Personally, I don't read enough to justify a Kindle purchase. Also for the record, I am not a fan of the Nook's user interface; it's atrocious.) While I enjoy iBook's organization and ease of download, I could do without the fancy pageflip animations. They felt a bit too gaudy even for Apple.

My first real digital book (oxymoronic, perhaps) was Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma. It's worth reading. And while reading on the iPad was a novel experience (oh, pun), this will probably be my last eBook for a while. I'm still a pencil-and-paper person at heart.