Taiwan 2010: Random Thoughts 1

So it's been raining every day since I got here. It kind of sucks, but it's kind of nice. It's a mild 80 degrees or so everyday, and not 95. Definitely could be worse.

1. Life is so simple here. I forgot how little international news they follow here, among other things.

2. By itself, Chinese is a nice language full of idioms to describe nearly everything. Chinese, however, is a terrible language to translate into, from English. Or, English is too rich a language to be adequately translated into an Asian language. Watching American movies on TV, I find that reading the subtitles doesn't do justice to the actual dialogue of the movie. I was watching "The Davinci Code" on TV and felt the Chinese subtitles destroyed much of the subtleties of what was said. ("Subtleties" is a weird word.)

3. The food here is amazing.

4. Drivers here have no regard for what's painted on the ground. Still, they are all pretty amazing drivers to not collide with anything and to be able to navigate through a two way street that's wide enough for only one-and-a-half cars.

5. I've been following the World Cup games and the NBA finals, watching most of it live. The Korea-Greece game was the best. Germany did well because Australia was pretty terrible. The USA game was expectedly terrible.

6. I've been successfully fighting my Pepsi "addiction". Not even craving it anymore.

Taiwan 2010: In Alaska

First leg of the journey is complete. It was a pretty typical plane ride which is probably a good thing. I'm over at Anchorage, AK right now for a 1.5 hour stopover (I never quite understood why they did that). It is so quiet here, but at least there is free wifi. It's 3:30 am local time right now (7:30 am eastern). I should be in Taiwan by 6:00 pm eastern tonight. Yeah, that's all. I'm just really hungry right now, as usual, and nothing is open in the terminal.

Okay, later. Time to go exploring.

P.S. Notice full bars on AT&T 3G!

Taiwan 2010: Technicalities

I'm leaving Tuesday night. I'll be back in a month, July 8.

What I'm packing... iPhone, iPad, Airport Express, 1 TB hard drive, Nikon D40, Nikon S640, and required chargers. I'll be taking plenty of photos for sure. I had originally expected to be near an Internet connection at least once every few days to check up on e-mail, Google Voice texts, blogs, etc. Turns out this is probably not going to be possible.

This summer trip (I haven't been considering it a "vacation" for a while now) will be a different one for me, yet again. Seems like every time I go back to Taiwan to visit family and see new places I have to grow up even more. I don't think I'm ready.

I am not sure who I'll see, where I'm staying, or what I'll be doing in Taiwan this time. But one thing is for sure though. I will return a slightly different person, hopefully one more appreciative of life and family, one with more regard for time we have on earth. Even across language barriers, it'll be trip of spiritual enlightenment, you can say.