I feel a bit obligated to write something shortly after what is perhaps the most important day (and past few weeks) of my life so far. Yesterday was the graduation of Cornell's Class of 2010. As is usual in these cases, it was bittersweet.

I'm not sure what to think. It is the typical post-graduation nostalgia that hits me hard, but it's different this time. It's not like middle school, where, typically, most friends are still close to home but social interactions are confined, for the most part, in the classroom. It's not like high school, where, although there are friends throughout the city or district, they are still close by; you can graduate from high school knowing that people will return to home base eventually, at least for a few years of being away. College is different. Four years of living together, working together, and laughing together was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, though, people are required to move on from here, at least physically. And this time, some move back home to distant places like Connecticut and Canada, some move on to work in places like Denver and Wisconsin, and some will go on to [even] higher education in the west coast, for example.

Do I expect to seem many of them again? I can't say. But I am hopeful.

Yesterday was fine because amidst the ceremony and brief moments of reminiscing , we were busy packing, loading up the car, and moving away all before realizing the significance of the day, whether as feeling a sense of accomplishment or as a feeling of needing to GTFO.

I don't miss the campus just yet. (I will be returning for a fifth year for my Masters.) I will, however, miss the people I shared it with. Four years of hard work didn't necessarily pay off as people say, but goddammit, it was an amazing ride.

I write this from Duffield Hall, because it is far too hot (and lonely) to stay in the apartment. The Canadians left for the last time this morning.

End-of-Year: Senior Edition

End of semester schedule goes something like this...

Mac Team New-Hire Training

Future Energy State Energy Report Due

Auto Engineering Senior Design Project Due

Future Energy NYS Transportation Infrastructure Report Due
Systems Engineering Final Exam

Automotive Engineering Final Exam

Web Design Project Due

Intermediate Fluids Final Exam
Financial Accounting Final Exam

Feels like death...