Figuring It All Out...

I think I have finally figured out my spring semester's courses. (Last Friday was the last day to add a class.)

In the books, I am taking 21 credits in my final undergraduate semester at Cornell. In addition to these, I am auditing 7 more credits, which consists of going to lecture and taking notes out of interest. The cool thing about this semester is that I only require 9 credits for graduation. Now, we get a chance to take things we actually care about. Learning out of interest is the best kind of learning, maybe...

INFO 2300 Intermediate Web Design
NBA 5530 Accounting and Financial Decision Making
SYSEN 5200 System Architecture, Behavior, and Optimization
MAE 4291 Senior Design Project
MAE 4230 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
MAE 4860 Automotive Engineering
MAE 5010 Future Energy Systems
BEE 5330 Engineering Professionalism (FE Exam Prep Course)
PE 1320 Professional Instructional Golf

MAE 4590 Introduction to Controlled Fusion
GOVT 3847 Weapons of Mass Destruction

(Yes, I'm also taking golf... getting pretty good at putting too.)