Weather Widgets Galore

I haven't changed my Dashboard in so long now. I'm looking at it now, and I find that 6 out of 11 of my widgets are related to the weather. I do not know why I am obsessed about knowing the weather.

I am trying to build an intuition for temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit just because it is fun.

What are some of the cool widgets I am missing out on? Let me know!

New Season, New USuMBS Banner

Although I loved my previous USuMBS banner that has been up since the cold months of last spring, I am updating the website with a photo I had taken a few years ago, during my Winter Break trip to Taiwan.

The beef noodle bowl at its best.

Daily Revelations: Technology

"Yo, Kevin. Why do you have so many devices?" asked one of my housemates last week.

Quick answers are, I don't know, and, I am a hypocrite.

I am a firm believer that technology makes life more complicated and tense. We put up with the added stress because of a misplaced feeling of self-importance and a desire to own shiny devices. In the end, life is more complicated with cell phones and other mobile devices, and the supposed added benefit they offer in our lives is suspect.

Like I said... I am a hypocrite.


I have experienced emotional and mental awakenings over the past few days, in more than one instance. I was forced to return to what I'd like to call my bible of sorts, the Dao De Jing (Tao Teh Ching as it is transliterated in my own copy, from Shambhala Library). I do not have a literal interpretation of "religious" texts (because doing so would be ridiculous!). Instead, I read for spiritual support, and after reading through all 81 verses in the text, several struck a chord, notably:


He who knows how to guide a ruler in the path of Tao
Does not try to override the world with force of arms.
It is in the nature of a military weapon to turn against its wielder.

Wherever armies are stationed, thorny bushes grow.
After a great war, bad years invariably follow.

What you want is to protect efficiently your own state,
But not to aim at self-aggrandisement.

After you have attained your purpose,
You must not parade your success,
You must not boast of your ability,
You must not feel proud,
You must rather regret that you had not been able to prevent the war.
You must never think of conquering others by force.

For to be over-developed is to hasten decay,
And this is against Tao,
And what is against Tao will soon cease to be.


As for your name and your body, which is the dearer?
As for your body and your wealth, which is the more to be prized?
As for gain and loss, which is the more painful?

Thus, an excessive love for anything will cost your dear in the end.
The storing up of too much goods will entail a heavy loss.

To know when you have enough is to be immune from disgrace.
To know when you stop is to be preserved from perils.
Only thus can you endure long.