What I Didn't Post...

.... during my annual voluntary disconnect from the Internet, which I do in times of stress or misery.

1. I renewed my Zune pass.
2. I realized that my recent (~ over last 5 years) ineptitude is a result of the lack of music practice. Back on the piano this semester.
3. I've discovered love, and it does hurt.
4. Linkin Park calms me when I'm feeling down.
5. I resorted going to the library to borrow books for help with homework.
6. I falcon-punched my wall because of this particular homework.
7. Taiwan is the 15th largest user of nuclear energy in the world today.
8. OpenOffice.org is actually pretty cool.
9. A Five Guys opened up in Ithaca.
10. I'm really digging Windows 7. Half of me is ashamed. The other half is all giddy.
11. My netbook gets better WiFi reception than my MacBook Pro.
12. Maroon 5 tickets purchased!
13. Guinness is my new favorite beer.
14. Order a Zune HD 32GB black.
15. K'naan.

Fighting This Cold With My Mind

I began having a sore throat two nights ago, and now the sore throat moved on to being both a runny nose and nasal congestion. The cough phase is soon about to kick in. I hope this'll pass by Sunday. Sunday is a religious day, after all. (So is Saturday, depending on your calendar.)

MAE 4300 group meetings two nights in a row have forced me to drink coffee for dinner last night and only one banana (thanks, Taylor) tonight. Lack of sleep as a result of falling behind in my work does not help my recovery.

Instead, I will employ my mind to fight this cold (and using DayQuil capsules merely supplementarily).

In other news, a small praying mantis flew into and landed on my shirt yesterday (by Stimson Hall). Today, a small dragon fly landed on my shirt (by Weill Hall).

(Photo from my South Street Seaport set.)

Most Prolific Writing Semester Ever?

This semester with my 21 credits and 8 classes will be the most torturous one during my time at Cornell. Among the 8 classes, four involve weekly one-page summaries or responses. This is on top of the work I'm still doing for Engineerography Blog (which, I'll admit, has taken a hit lately).

Although writing is still somewhat of an awkward and unusual activity for me, I'd like to think that I'm starting to get good at it. Maybe.

This photo "Contemplative" comes from my POTD (Photo of the Day) collection of last year. I'm trying to revive the project to a certain degree, but it's going along sluggishly.