Please, Tell Me

1. I do not presume to guess, but if it is me that upsets you or angers you, please, tell me. If I deal you injustice or disgrace, please, tell me.

2. If I am not dead or dying, I'd like to help. You know where I can be reached.

3. There are plenty of good things in this world if you let them into your life. It is not all gray and black as it may seem; there are, of course, infinitely many shades of gray-blacks in between.


M.Y. Self

Scheduling the Future between Wednesday and Friday

In my recent infatuation for the written word (writing it, not reading it), I have realized that I will be doing quite a bit of writing for my classes next semester. This is a total twist from freshman year, when I dreaded Freshman Writing Seminar classes. It's funny how things change.

This is as it stands as of now:

Voluntary Disconnect

Voluntary disconnect from the social web. E-mail me. Do not call.

E-mail Averages

For my Gmail account, I get an average of 23 e-mail messages a day.
For my Cornell account, I get an average of 27 e-mail messages a day.

... not including return threads.

Kevin Fact 4

The recent influx of online social networks has allowed something rather amazing regardless of which side of the fence you stand. It is either producing too much useless junk on the Internet, or it is being a collectively amazing new medium for people to connect and express themselves. These days we have Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, FriendFeed, Flickr, Smug Mug, and Wordpress, for example.

For me, though, my apparent attempt to live a transparent life provides me the luxury of a sort of guise, hiding what I do not want others to know. Yes, I am a dishonest man, but I never lie.

(It's similar to being the "honest" person where others would trust everything that is said or expressed. Lies have a lesser chance of being discovered this way.) Go figure...

Our First Guest Writer for Engineerography Blog

Yesterday, Taylor served up a post about turbochargers and intercoolers on Engineerography Blog. It's nice to see the website expand a little bit more. We still have Hans and I as the primary writers, but I'm excited to get another guy on board and maybe make him a regular as our car guy.

Check it out, it's actually pretty cool.