Kevin Fact 3

After hitting a little depressive two-week road bump in the past month, I have managed to get back on the beaten path.

I tend to lead a more traditional life, being a fan of simple, white, black, and grey. I definitely have admiration for the fancy and the awesome, but if I were to do something or own something, it'd be the "vanilla" version of it. I requested the white iPod, I have the black iPhone, and I am a studying mechanical engineering. My color of choice (not to say, my favorite color) is black.

Similarly, I am a very predictable person. Fixed time for dinner, fixed time for getting out of bed, fixed place to be studying, whatever. Anyone following me for a week can know when and where I'll be for the rest of the semester (for the most part).

Boring? Maybe. Sad? Probably. It's okay though.

(Following Kevin Fact 2, I will now try to avoid any "Haha" in my e-mail and IMs. As a result, apparent sarcasm is on the rise. Look for it, and don't let it hit you on the way out.)

Laying Down the Meds & Coffee

I haven't been myself lately. But that ends today.

After being hopped up on cold medicine for the better part of last week, I am better now. I am also giving up the very little bit of coffee I already drink (started this semester, and on the order of 2 cups a week).

I have found that even these drugs are evil. Quality of life is better without them. Don't do them, and don't get sick.

A Note of Confidence

I haven't missed a single scheduled class so far in this semester. Have you? Been lazy?

Feeding the Cold

I thought that when someone was sick, he'd lose his appetite. Throughout this week, I've been eating a lot, on the order of 6 mini-meals a day. I have even had a McChicken sandwich at McDonald's, and anyone who knows me knows that McDonald's and I don't get along. I think I've even eaten a paper shred of the pepper packet; I cannot find it now.

Perfect Drug for the Job?

I took some Advil last night.

On the box, it says that it relieves runny nose, nasal congection, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, headache, sinus pressure, and fever.

This was perhaps the first time when the OTC drug actually covers the symptoms I been showing exactly; I had all of those problems at the same time. I can't say that it worked particularly well, but it was slightly comforting to know that something in the pill was supposedly helping me. I was too much out of it, so I slept immediately after dinner.

Kevin Fact 2

I was never a fan of "LOL", "lols", "lolz", or "lawl".

I very much prefer the traditional "Haha" (does that surprise you?), where the number of ha's is a function of how funny the conversation is. I tend to cap out at four, i.e. "Hahahaha".

Of course, this interjection can be augmented with exclaimation marks or emoticons, which adds value to the quality of the "ha". Typical use of "haha" can be substituted by either a "Heh" or a "Hah", depending on the situation; it is more of a heartfelt silent chuckle than a simple "haha" can actually convey. The two ha case, i.e. "haha", is reserved for the general case (used like "lol" for other people), when there isn't any actual laughter to be had. For the most part, "Hahahaha" trumps "Hah" or "Hah", which in turn is more meaningful than the ordinary "haha".

This concludes a brief study of hahas and hohos.

Spring Break '09

Whatever happened to Kevin being right? It used to be that I'd say something and not understand why, but it'll happen to turn out to be true one way or another. Back then, childish ignorance was on par with happiness. That hasn't happened for a while. And I am sorely missing the good old days.

I do not think I am heading for another "Paper Age", but I do think that something needs to change.

I need a vacation, as they say, and that's what this Spring Break 2009 is going to be. A time to reflect and remember who I once was and a time to return to the fundamentals, to be rejuvenated and ready for the imminent hardships with course work, personal relationships, and self.

I have posted something about a "voluntary disconnect from the Web" earlier this month, but I think I will follow through with it for real this time. For sake of NUBB, if not for myself.

Kevin Fact 1

I believe in filling out surveys and questionaires only if I know enough about the topic or if the subject concerns me directly. Completing a "fake" or false survey doesn't do anyone any good.


Last Friday, I noted that I weighed 25 points over my IQ. Yesterday was the first time in two years that I am no longer technically overweight by the WHO's BMI scale. But barely. Am I allowed to celebrate this with a cheeseburger?

Physics Prelim 1: Tweet Summary

This is one of the few exams I am taking that will not be curved according to the mean of the class. This is what I thought during the exam... My goal is not to do my best, but to simply beat or attempt to match the grade of the smartest friend I have in the class. Sorry for being selfish in this regard. (You know who you are.), starting with the most recent:

1. Preemptive celebratory dinner before a physics prelim.
2. Kevin = Re{Kevin} + Im{Kevin}.
3. Is it wrong for me wanting to do better than my friends on an uncurved exam?
4. Studying for physics is nearly complete. Just a little bit more reviewing lecture notes and homework tomorrow.
5. The stacks of Olin Library.

Hey, maybe all those shows and concert I went to over the weekend helped my intuition of sound waves for the exam. (Not really.)

Weekend in Concert

This past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I have attended Big Red Relief, Kaleidoscope, and Cornell Chamber and Symphony Orchestra, respectively; one event per night.

I feel slightly more accomplished now. I finally have a taste of what Cornell's performing student groups are all about:

Cayuga's Waiters,
The Classnotes,
The Hangovers,
Yamatai Drumming,
Sabor Latino,
Absolute Zero,
Glowsticking Club,
Cornell Chamber Orchestra,
Cornell Symphony Orchestra.

All this comes before the two most difficult prelims, Physics and Java. I managed to squeeze in two physics review sessions so I feel less guilty of doing nothing, but I sure as hell am not ready.

Still, I don't regret taking some time out to enjoy a few charity events and Cornell's two orchestras. Going out and doing something is always nice.