Wall-E, with Friends

Today, I went out (with a few former summer camp counselor friends) to see Pixar latest feature film and short animation. Both were phenomenal.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 96%, and I whole-heartedly agree. As always there are a bunch of Pixar Easter Eggs, and a number of Apple and Mac product placement, sort of. For example, among Wall-E's personal collection was something that closely resembled an iPod, and Wall-E's boot up sound paid tribute to the start up sound of the Macintosh, since 1984. Plus, the Eve character was said to have been designed by Jonny Ive, the father of the renouned iPod and iMac designs.

As usual, Pixar created a film that was fit for viewing by both children and adults. In fact, I feel this movie came out at the best time possible, in the middle of Apple's ascent to supremecy (maybe?) and the human realization of global warming and the downfall of the human spirit.

Also as typical of Pixar films, there is action, suspense, comedy, ominous times, sadness, and downright great story-telling. I highy recommend Wall-E. At first, I doubted how Pixar can play a movie with two robot leading-role characters with the majority of the dialogue limited to clicks and whistles, and "Wall-E" and "Eve", at least for the beginning half of the movie. They pulled it off really, really well. (There was robot love between the two.)

See here for great high resolution Wall-E images.


I tried making make-shift hamburgers for dinner tonight to get rid of the rest of the ground beef I had left. I got the inspiration while watching Kitchen Nightmares by Chef Gordon. Heh. I tried to copy what he said on the show.

I mixed in egg, salt and pepper, and Worcester sauce with some red onion.

It was a bad experience, but it all ended well. I do not think I will be doing it again though.

One Down, One to Go

We just completed our first final exam of the summer (for System Dynamics). We have a final for Fluid Mechanics tomorrow which I have to seriously study for. Regardless of how I did or will do tomorrow on the exams, I am just glad that is all over soon.

I will be heading home tomorrow via Shortline. (I HATE buses.) I am not sure when I will depart, but it will most likely be very late. The final begins at 9:00 am tomorrow, and I should be done by 11:00 am. I have some last second things to take care of though; I have to clean and secure my room, and be all ready to start class again once I get back. I should be home by Saturday morning, I hope.

My schedule is like this: Friday, June 27 to home, and I will be coming back to school on Sunday, July 6. I hope to see many old friends since I have been away for so long. Sadly, this will be my only chance to be home this entire summer.

Cooking on a Sunday

Yesterday, I had said I cooked the "most elaborate dinner I have cooked for myself this summer." Today, I claim to say that again. I spent two hours on it today. It was okay ...

For breakfast, I had potato hash with egg and buttered whole-wheat toast.

For dinner, I had chicken and green beans with rice. The marinade was made with water, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, green onion, and corn starch.

Chicken and Broccoli

This is so far the most elaborate dinner I have cooked for myself this summer. It came out really well. Take a look:

Supervising the iMacs

I haven't worked this hard at the CIT HelpDesk in a long time. Because of two new consultants in today, and because of the recent Cornell e-mail outage (from Saturday to yesterday, with a dash of people with lingering e-mail problems left from the server restores. Being a supervisor is hard work! Not really, but still ...


I really like Hulu. That is all.

Starting today, Hulu is releasing "something new" every day this summer through mid-August. Today, it started with Lost in Translation. This is thrilling. Props for NBC Universal for doing this. But to get this done, NBC had pulled all of its produced shows from iTunes.

Going Meat-free, Sort of

I recently came across a New York Times article titled "Putting Meat Back in Its Place", under the Dining and Wine section. What struck my attention was that I have been thinking about the same points as the article brings up, namely:

1. Forget the protein thing.
2. Buy less meat.
3. Get it out of the center of the plate.
4. Buy more vegetables, and learn new ways to cook them.
5. Make nonmeat items as convenient as meat.
6. Make some rules.
7. Look at restaurant menus differently.

My reason for reconsidering meat is simply a practical one. Vegetables are generally easier to cook, and easier and quicker to prepare. Cheaper too. The drawback, I think, is that it is harder to make an all-vegetable dish seem more impressive, by virtue of point #3 from above; meat generally claims the center of the dish.

I'm not going to claim to become a vegetarian, but I will also not try as hard to get meat in to every night's dinner.

Having started cooking for myself this summer, I don't think I have eaten this healthy in a long time, since I was away from home. I have put aside Collegetown food for a while, to save money, and to eat healthy.

It also saves gas and helps fight against global warming, or at least I'd like to think.

The Passing of Tim Russert

I was sadden by this news when I found out after coming out of the second exam of System Dymanics for the summer. I find that this is perhaps the first time I felt this empty inside after such a beloved celebrity has died.

According to CNN.com:

Tim Russert, who became one of America's leading political journalists as the host of NBC's "Meet the Press," died Friday, the network said. He was 58.

Tim Russert established himself as the face of NBC's political journalism as host of "Meet the Press."
more photos »

The network said the award-winning journalist collapsed at work Friday. He was taken to Washington's Sibley Memorial Hospital, where he died, the hospital confirmed.

Colleague and former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw broke the news on the network Friday shortly after 3:40 p.m.

I have only started watching Meet the Press and have gotten immersed in politics when I discovered the Meet the Press Podcast on iTunes. I have been watching it weekly and religiously ever since. I guess actively watching TV shows (by hunting things down online), rather than passively in front of an actual television, makes the viewer more conscious of what is going on. I really like how Tim Russert discussed politics, and he made me understand what was going on in this critical 2008 election.

He was an extraordinary person, and he will be dearly missed.

POTD Halted

Unfortunately, I will be pausing POTD for a little bit (possibly resuming this weekend).

Don't ask.

I'm sorry.

No Longer A Cripple

The pain has largely gone away. Now I am at that point when I do not want to accidentally scratch or irritate the healing blisters and mild scars.

I am contemplating whether I should go for a follow-up this Friday.

POTD Delayed ...

Due to academic responsibilities and annoyances.


WWDC 08 Predictions

Based on rumors, personal experience, and what I know about Apple:

1. iPhone/iPod touch App Store launch.
2. .Mac update and refresh.
3. Mac OS X 10.6 Announcement.

1. iPhone with 3G announcement.
2. New Cinema Displays refresh.

Photographic Style

Having just completed POTD #75 this afternoon, I have reviewed my previous POTD photos after this great milestone. Over the time since I started the POTD, I have realized that most of my photographs are of the same style.

I have began to like the high contrast, edge vignetting look of things. Recently, (after my visit to the doctor) I have discovered a new photographic style for myself. The POTD of that day and today's POTD, respectively, use this style or theme. I applied really high contrast, zero color saturation, and a 40% sepia tone. I like it a lot and would be tempted to apply it to future photos. I will try to restrain myself from making everything look the "same". See below:

Canon, Again ...

I went to the mall yesterday, and while I was there, I checked out the DSLRs at Best Buy. I had originally say, in Canon vs Nikon and Camera Comparison, that the I did not like Canon's UI. I spent a little more time with it, particularly with the Rebel XSi, and I realized that they are not much different. It is a mere case of getting used to the subtle changes.

For the XSi, I had originally said that it was "hard to access absolutely any manual controls." Now, I rather enjoy the simplicity of the functions. While it is definitely harder to do things as compared to comparable Nikons or higher-end Canons, it wasn't actually too bad.

I still say that overall, Nikon DSLRs are uglier with more easily accessible functions and buttons on the body. I guess that is a tradeoff. I am still undecided, but I will not dismiss Canon DSLRs as quickly as I have initially.

There is time yet before I get my camera. Perhaps I'll wait for the Canon 50D. Heh.

At the Gannett

Visiting the doctor with a real problem, as opposed to a routine check up, is extremely nerve wracking. I visited the Gannett Health Center here at Cornell to seek help. This is only my second time in the building, and my first time seeing an actual doctor. (The first time was in December, I think, when I got a flu-shot.)

It is confirmed by the doctor to be what I thought it was. It is the shingles, or herpes zoster. I will not show any photo of my nasty leg, but this can give you an idea:

Today's POTD summarizes my day:

In Pain

Is it possible for a young person to get shingles? I did not know, but I think it is clear to me now. I have been having pain in my left leg and there is a rash present now. The more I research, the more it appears to be shingles. All I know is that it really, really hurts and I can barely walk now. Limping on my left leg sucks.

I feel pinching and shooting pains in my leg (by my knee and inner thigh) all at the same time. It is, quite frankly, disgusting.

Old Photos

It has been a while since I have uploaded more recent albums/sets to Flickr. I have somehow managed to amass a ton of photos, go back all the way to mid-May 2008. I haven't even finished all the old stuff either.

In between losing the computer for a while, and being between home and temporary homes, I haven't had time out of class and homework and studying to getting to them.

I will get around to it soon. Most definitely.